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Event Highlights: "Will the UK leave the EU?" - Brexit over Breakfast at Café le Procope

Breakfast debate on “Brexit” on Thursday 2 June at Café Le Procope: Will the UK remain in the EU?


Brexit Event



ALSE France welcomed Thierry Chopin, Head of Research at the Robert Schuman Foundation and Visiting Fellow at the European Institute of the LSE and Mrs Pauline Schnapper, Professor of Contemporary British Civilisation at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III), to debate the British referendum. The debate was moderated by Olivier Marty, Treasurer of ALSE France. Mrs Schnapper analysed the origins of David Cameron’s decision and the actual contents of the deal agreed by the European Council in February. She stressed that voters would not only vote out of economic considerations but also in an emotive way, on matters related to sovereignty. Thierry Chopin highlighted how the referendum took place, paradoxically, as European integration is actually quite in line with the aspirations of the UK. He explored options that would be mutually acceptable to the UK and the EU in case of a “Brexit” but, more importantly, cautioned the “status quo” temptation in case of a “Bremain”. According to him, a political discourse striving to defend shared national and European sovereignties by co-managing common goods (collective security, single currency, territory, etc.) is a prerequisite to revive the European project. 



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